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Imagine being able to work
well with anyone and everyone!

Imagine being part of an organisation where employees are focused on growing the company because it gives them the opportunity to grow themselves.

Based on Gail Pembertonís best selling book You Can Live with Anyone, well almost this innovative change program is designed to achieve just that, by empowering all employees.

Empowering individuals leads to empowered teams creating empowered corporations.

Participants will gain the opportunity to revolutionise their thinking patterns, because after this work they will understand why they think as they do. They will learn that our thinking stems from early encoding, so most of us operate out of a framework that is no longer relevant. Our thinking patterns are like driving a 20, 30 or 40 year old car, because that is what most of us are doing psychologically depending on our age. The program delivers the awareness that it is self-knowledge that gives us real choice, enabling us to take full responsibility for our perceptions and our interactions.

This information radically improves self-esteem and relationships. It leads to a more harmonious and productive workplace, and takes us to higher levels of personal responsibility and accountability.
In times of change, corporate plans can be easily sabotaged by underlying entrenched personal dynamics. This programme reveals the root cause of problems and goes to the heart of the individual, unlike more superficial team building exercises which often lack long term effectiveness because participants can and frequently do, get tripped up by their own programming.

The Awareness Advantage is designed to help leaders and their teams go through change. Understanding interpersonal interactions at a fundamental level will enable teams to embrace and align behind new initiatives. In times of organizational change the politics and morale within companies often seems to deteriorate at an alarming rate as individualís underlying problems are accentuated and manifest as tension in the workplace.



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